Walking Trails & Saxonville Beach

Main Trail

The major trail through the Reservation starts at Old Connecticut Path just south of Brownlea Road by the Reservation sign, crosses Cochituate Brook, and connects to the Cochituate State Park trails.

Other Trails

The Cochituate Rail Trail (not yet officially open) crosses Old Connecticut Path nearby and gives a view from the south of the emergent marsh next to the brook. For more information on this trail, please visit: www.crtrail.org/

Various trails start at Reardon Park, located at the corner of LaClede and Maymont Drive, and explore the pine and oak woods in the east section of the Reservation.

Another trail from the end of Delmar Avenue connects to the State Park near the dam on Lake Cochituate. Public parking is available off Laclede and Maymont Drive at Reardon Park.

Here are printable maps of the area:

Black and White Map of Cochituate Brook Reservation

Color Map of Cochituate Brook Reservation

Saxonville Beach

Located on Lake Road (off Old Conn Path, near Wayland Town line)

* Staffed from mid-June to mid-August:

* Beach tags are available for residents beginning the third week in June.

(Non-resident rates are available)

* For more information please call the Parks and Recreation Office at 508.532.5960