Curbside Trash Collection

Curbside Trash Collection

The Town of Framingham provides solid waste collection service to residential properties containing four or fewer dwelling units, regardless of the form of ownership and will provide solid waste collection service to condominiums that:

  • Are residential
  • Actively participate in the Town of Framingham recycling program


  • Your trash will be picked up at curbside once each week – Our neighborhood pickup is Tuesday.
  • All collections must be placed curbside by 7:00 am on the pick-up day, but no earlier than 6:00 pm the night before.
  • Trash receptacles must be removed from the curb by 12:00 midnight following collection.

Refuse Preparation

  • All trash should be bagged.
  • Refuse containers must be 35 gallons in capacity or less, with removable lids and sturdy handles.
  • Refuse containers must weigh 40 lbs or less.
  • The Town is not responsible for normal wear and tear, damaged wheels, attached lids, or handles damaged in the course of normal collections.
  • More information about appropriate containers is available online.

 Banned Materials 

Some materials are banned from curbside trash collection.

Solid Waste – Banned Materials


Hazardous and recyclable items are banned from disposal or transfer for disposal at solid waste facilities in Massachusetts per Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) waste ban regulations, 310 CMR 19.017.

Examples of Banned Materials

Waste Ban materials include but are not limited to:

  • Lead-acid batteries
  • Leaves and yard waste
  • Automobile and truck tires
  • White goods
  • Metal containers
  • Glass containers
  • Single resin narrow-necked plastics
  • Recyclable paper Cathode ray tubes (TVs and computer monitors)
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Tires
  • Tree and landscaping waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Paper and Cardboard

Construction and Demolition Waste Ban Details

Materials generated from, but not limited to, the processes of construction, demolition, and renovation, including domestic home improvements.

This includes anything that has been permanently affixed to a residence such as wall-to-wall carpeting and fixtures. To dispose of this waste please call a private hauler or transport it to a commercial transfer station 

Leaf and Yard Waste Ban Details

  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Shrub trimmings
  • Plant cuttings
  • Tree branches and vines not exceeding four inches in diameter or four feet in length
  • Other similar compostable materials
  • Please see yard waste collection schedule on the Resources Front Page for information on how to dispose of yard waste.

Tree and Landscaping Waste Ban Details

  • Tree stumps
  • Trunks or limbs four inches or more in diameter and/or four feet or more in length
  • Soil
  • Sod
  • Sand
  • Manure
  • Rocks
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Wood
  • Wood chips
  • Fencing