And the Survey says…….(Easter Egg Hunt Postponed to April 6th); Friends of Saxonville Annual Meeting

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. As you can see, the top two choices were to hold the hunt in the snow and postpone till April 6th. In the end, postponing it till April 6th won out, so that is what we’ll do. Everything will stay the same at this point (start time, etc).
Have Easter bunny hand out eggs this Saturday (at the park or at a house/driveway)
8.5%    4
Hold Easter Egg hunt in snow
27.7%    13
Postpone till Saturday, April 6th
57.4%    27
Cancel the event and hope for better weather next year
6.4%    3

II. Friends of Saxonville:

The 2013 Friends of Saxonville Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 9th in the Education Building of Edwards Church, 39 Edwards Street in Framingham.  The primary topic of the meeting is the Friends’ plan to restore The Athenaeum Hall for public use.  Please join us for light refreshments and discover how you can help restore the Athenaeum to its original purpose and stature.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to renew your membership or to join The Friends and offer strong support to this worthy community endeavor. 

For more information, visit or contact : John @ (508) 877—6771

Dave @ (508) 877-7034


ONA News: Easter Egg Hunt, Newsletter, Upcoming Events, Board News

I. Easter Egg Hunt

It’s that time of year again-  Peter Cottontail will be hopping down the bunny trail. With any luck the weather will cooperate and we can hold this next Saturday.

Day: Saturday, March 23rd

Time: The egg hunt starts promptly at 9 am so plan on arriving by 8:50.

Where: Reardon Park (meet at the basketball court)

Egg Drop-off: Please drop off 12 filled eggs/child between Monday, March, 18th and Friday, March 22nd (up till midnight if you need it). Please drop the eggs off at 3 Brownlea Road in the white bucket near the front door (Josh has been instructed to keep away from the chocolate hidden in the eggs).

RSVP: This is extremely important. Please email Josh by replying to this email to let him know the ages and number children participating in the hunt. This helps us hide the appropriate number of eggs in each age section.
Day of the hunt: In the past we’ve had some children only find a few eggs. The Easter Bunny will be at the hunt and will hand out eggs to those children that do not find many.

Volunteers to hide the eggs: We need a few volunteers to help hide the eggs. Please email Josh by replying to this email to let him know if you can help. It takes about 20-25 minutes to hide the eggs and we’ll meet at Reardon park around 7:45 to hide them.

II. Newsletter

The newsletter is making a comeback after a long hiatus. We are looking for all types of news to include in the newsletter. Please email Eliza at with any news you would like to include in the newsletter.

III. Another ONA business

I am Sandy Griffin from Chouteau Ave.
My friend and I have started up a business helping people in their homes set up and learn to use their apple devices. We are ready and willing to help anyone, but have especially noticed many senior citizens wanting to connect with their families through email, Facebook etc, but are baffled by the iPad or iTouch. We are ready to help them through that process, from choosing the right device, setting it up and training how to use it.
If you go to the website below you will see all that we have to offer.
Here is the website and my contact information.
phone: 508-877-7215

IV. Upcoming Events

We’ll send more information soon, but wanted to get the following events on your radar:

* Green Up Day: End of April and it will coincide with the town wide green up day. There is, without a doubt, a large need for some green up in the ONA, especially on LaClede (near the park) and Lake Rd (near Saxonville Beach). Please reply to this email if you want to participate in green up day.

* ONA Yard Sale: Last year was such a huge success that we are going to try this on a yearly basis. We are aiming for early June to hold this event again. More info will be sent out in mid-late April.

V. ONA Board News

As most of you know, the ONA board is comprised of Amy Ferguson (and Andy by default), Eliza Williamson, Heather Klish and Josh Mulready.

Amy has been serving on the board for a few years and though she stills enjoys volunteering in this capacity, she is ready to step aside for the next set of volunteers to lead the ONA forward. She and Andy will be helping with the Easter Egg Hunt but after this event they will begin to transition out of their roles on the ONA board. It goes without saying that both Amy and Andy are tremendous assets and we’ll miss their insight and contributions. Please be sure to take a moment to thank Amy and Andy when you see them.

Here is a brief look at what we are looking to do in the coming months (more details will be sent in the coming weeks):

* We are looking for volunteers to serve on the ONA board (treasurer, committee leaders for the annual BBQ, Welcoming Committee, Event Committee).

* We are working on a rough draft of a charter for the ONA. Once we have a working draft, we will form a committee to review the draft and come up with a final version for the ONA. We would like 2-3 people to help us with this.

* Resuming the annual meetings (1-2 per year)
Please reply to this email if you are interested in learning more about these opportunities.

Thank you,

The ONA board

Danforth Green Project: Planning Board Meeting Tonight (2/14/13)

It’s very, very important that you come to tonight’s planning board meeting to give input on the Danforth Green project. The planning board has already thrown enormous support behind the developer’s requests to deviate from the zoning requirements. Members of the planning board have said they heard hardly any concerns from residents at prior public hearings with the developer. However, that wasn’t the case at Tuesday’s ZBA meeting and the Planning Board needs to be on that same receiving end.

Many people have said they thought the public input from prior years would be revisited this time around. Apparently the board has not made that a part of the current due diligence process. Three Planning Board members supported a letter to the ZBA for the variances.  This is a critical meeting and if you would just come by to give your input it will definitely make a difference. Here’s what I’ve learned about the current proposal and then some of my opinions follow:

·        The developer proposes to increase the number of rental apartments at the site from the allowed 20% to 66%.
·        The developer is attempting to make 15% of the apartments low income/affordable instead of making the overall project 10% low income/affordable with the units dispersed throughout
·        The developer would like to give back 88 acres of land to the town, of which a majority is unusable wetlands and he is not proposing any amenities for area residents. This has tax and liability implications with minimal benefit. Would we rather have unusable land or tax revenue or perhaps something in between?
·        The development is being designed to have two different home owners’ associations – one for the apartments and one for the condos/townhouses. This could and should be viewed as laying the groundwork for short-term ownership of the development, with the intention to sell off part of it.  If it then becomes two developments side by side – an apartment complex and a condo complex, is that what the town intended when PUD zoning was adopted for that site?

John Stasik and many others in this community led the charge to change the zoning of that parcel to Planned Urban Development (PUD) many years ago. The zoning change was fully vetted by many committees and boards as well as town meeting. It includes requirements and stipulations which the applicant wants to waive.

We have to remember that developers are always interested in making money – and that’s fine, that’s their business. But that’s the direction from which they approach the projects.  We as Framingham residents have to be looking out for the best interest of our neighborhoods and towns. We have to be thinking about how this will impact us for decades. This project will change the complexion, culture and quality of life in Saxonville and Framingham forever.  We have to care enough about that to make sure it’s the best it can possibly be. This parcel of land is a jewel. It’s one of the most amazing locations remaining outside of Boston – 20 minutes from the city, easy access to Routes 27, 128 and the Mass Pike, across the street from the town beach, alongside the Sudbury River, 1.5 miles to the Natick Mall and with all the wonderful resources available in Framingham.  Quality housing at this site will be extremely attractive. The current owner paid millions less for the land than any of the developers who came before him.  His threshold for profit should be much lower than it was for Pulte or National Development and the real estate market is improving. This means he has greater flexibility to build something really nice, less dense and yet quite profitable.

Please come to tonight’s meeting and show the Planning Board that the community does care about what happens at this site.  It’s on the agenda at 7:45. I know it’s far from exciting to spend some of Valentine’s Day at a meeting, but we all love our town, so show the love this way!

Thanks for listening. I hope to see you tonight.

Audrey Hall
Town Meeting Member, Precinct 3 Chairman

Community Safety Meeting Recap; Easter Egg Hunt

Good morning,

Thank you to the neighbors that were able to attend the meeting last night. The head count was around 45, a great turnout for a Tuesday night.

I. Summary of the Safety Meeting

* Key point that cannot be stressed enough. If you “See Something, Say Something”. Call the police business line at 508.872.1212 with any suspicious activity. This doesn’t have to just involved robberies, it can be anything suspicious (ie large groups starting to gather at the park, at the beach or the end of Delmar near the path). Again, if you see something, say something.

* Case in point. A robbery had occurred at another residence in Framingham. A neighbor saw this robbery occur but instead of calling police, she followed the person to Walgreens. She confronted the person, told him what she saw, then headed home. She then called police but by the time they arrived the robber was gone. Moral of the story, call the police right away. Do not wait and do not chase the person down, only to let them get away.

* There are no suspects yet for the two robberies that have occurred in the neighborhood, however, they do have some evidence they are working with (shoe print).

* Keep a look out for people walking with clipboards or knocking on doors and not having a credible story. A neighbor recently had an encounter with a man that knocked on her door asking where Walgreens is. This may have been a person looking to see what houses were occupied and when someone answered, he made up a story.

*  The main items that are stolen during robberies are:

* Jewerly
* computers
* ipods
* game systems

Take a picture of your items and even write a description. This will give local authorities information that could lead to the recovery of your items. Stolen items are usually pawned and pawn shops are required to hold items for 30 days. Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen, but in many cases they do hold the items.

*  Postal workers are a great resource for the neighborhood. The police meet with them on a semi annual basis to go over crime data and to see if they have any information.

*  Neighborhood watches, crime watch signs, etc have not worked well in the past so it is not an option right now. The best option is to know your neighbors, know your neighborhood and to follow the instructions of see something, say something.

* A few websites that provide great information are:
We will try to provide the power point presentation at a later date.

II. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter falls on March 31st this year so our Easter Egg hunt will be held on Saturday, March 23rd at 9 am. Please mark your calendars and hope that the snow is gone by then.

Please email us with any questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you,

The ONA Board

Community Meeting; NSTAR Gas

Good afternoon,

Hopefully everyone has had the chance to dig out after the 32″ that was dumped on Framingham on Friday/Saturday.

Community Meeting

We wanted to send a friendly reminder that the Community Meeting with the Framingham Police Department will be held tomorrow night (Tuesday) beginning at 7 pm in Nevins Hall (Town Hall).
Please see attached document for more information on the NSTAR Gas program that may be headed to parts of our neighborhood. Here is a brief explanation of what is happening (this is from Gene Novak):….Shelby with NSTAR is conducting another survey to confirm sufficient interest. Knowing that oil prices are back on the rise I know interest will be there. I will scan and e-mail the form letter they sent me a few days ago. Shelby contact information is 781-441-8530 and….

NSTAR Gas document

Thank you,

The ONA board

Police Community Meeting; Membership Renewals

Good evening,

We hope everyone is doing well. Thanks to those that have joined us on facebook and twitter in the past week. Be sure to sign up for one or both if you have not done so yet. You can find the information on our website ( Having a few different avenues to receive information can be important, especially when issues like NSTAR tree cutting or the recent robberies take front and center.

Josh spoke with Officer Riley today regarding a Police Community Meeting to discuss current efforts to find the robber(s) and to keep the ONA safe. We would like to hold this meeting on Tuesday, February 12th @ 7 pm at police headquarters or town hall. Please take a minute to complete a survey using the link below. This will help us determine the size room we need for the meeting. If you cannot click on the survey to launch it, please copy and paste into your web browser.

Please continue to call the police business line (508.872.1212) with any information regarding suspicious activity in the neighborhood. Unfortunately another house (on Springhill) was robbed within the past day. The FPD is taking this very seriously and will send a patrol car to the area immediately.
II. Membership renewals
Within the next week, we will start working on sending emails for membership renewals. We have about 165 emails on this list, which is fantastic, but not everyone is a member of the ONA. Membership rates are low and the funds we take in help fund the various activities we hold throughout the year (the annual Easter Egg Hunt will be here before you know it).
Thank you,

The ONA board
Josh, Amy, Eliza and Heather

ONA Update: Recent Robberies

Good evening,

We hope that everyone is well and that you are staying warm during this cold spell. Be sure to keep an eye on neighbors, especially some of our senior neighbors during this cold weather.

It is also important to keep an eye on our neighbors, not as snoops, etc, but to make sure there is no strange activity taking place. Unfortunately two houses in the neighborhood have been robbed in the past week. The robberies are taking place during the day and items such as cash, ipods and laptops are being taken.

We do not have a formal neighborhood watch but it is probably in everyone’s best interest to keep an eye on your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to the Framingham Police. The best number to call is the business line at 508.872.1212.

A few other things to keep in mind are:

1. If someone is soliciting you should ask for a badge and proof they are allowed to solicit. Never let them in your house as they could be scoping out easy ways to enter your house when you are not home.

2. Always lock your car doors, entry doors (front/back) and garage doors. Do not make it easy for someone to get to your possessions.

3. Let trusted neighbors know you’ll be away and ask them to keep an eye on your house.

4. To reiterate, please report any strange activities, either around your house, in the neighborhood or at the park. Call the police business line and give them details.

Please email us (Josh, Amy, Heather and Eliza) if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We’d like to hear any ideas you have for keeping the ONA safe.

Take care,

The ONA board

Friends of Saxonville Event

DISCOVER SAXONVILLE 2012: JINGLE BELL DAY offers a rare opportunity to experience the rich cultural and commercial diversity of Saxonville—all in one place and in one afternoon.

For all the details go to www.Saxonville.Org

This year The Friends of Saxonville are partnering with Robinsons Hardware to create an expanded eventMany of the businesses in the Saxonville Village Center, from the Pinefield Shopping Center on Nicholas Road to the Walgreen Shopping Center on School Street will participate.   Plus, organizations who call Saxonville their home—schools, churches, VFW Post 929, Studio Artists’ in the Mill, and the Scouts— will make a distinct contribution to this unique community experience.

Begin your Saxonville visit by signing in at the Pinefield Shopping Center.  At that time pick up a detailed program of the day’s events and your own Jingle Bell.  Between Noon and 2 PM, the entire family is welcome to take a free Horse Drawn Hay Ride through the village to discover many of the options that are open to you for the afternoon.  Please consider bringing with you a non-perishable food or toy contribution for one of our local charities.

After the Hay Ride, when your wagon returns you to the Pinefield Shopping Center, take a stroll through the entire village and find a wealth of activities, great bargains and fantastic promotions.

For the younger strollers there will be arts and crafts, storytelling, music, fun food and refreshments and a variety of demonstrations and “village characters” to meet.   For the more demanding strollers there will be wine tasting, martial arts demonstrations,  concerts, performances, fine art for viewing and purchasing, great shopping at special prices and outstanding food to taste and savor along the way.

Music and entertainment will be provided by the Cameron School Jazz Band, the Framingham High School Jazz Band,   girls A cappella choir—CLOUD NINE, and Show Choir and a roving Barber Shop Quartet.    At the end of the afternoon, around 4:30 PM, there will be a Tree Lighting at the portico of The Athenaeum Hall.

There’s much morel  Don’t miss the Framingham High School Holiday Market Place at the southern end of the village, where 100 Artisans display fine-crafted holiday gift items for purchase to benefit the High School Athletic Program.  The Saxonville Artists’ Studios located in the very center of the village is having an open house, with an extensive and varied collection of works of art.  At the northern end of the village, Edwards Church hosts an “Alternative Fair Day” as part of its year-long celebration of 185years in Saxonville, where you can purchase gifts that will make Earth a better place.

All of this is happening in Saxonville on December 1st between noon and 5 PM.

There is a lot to choose from for every age and interest—a great shopping experience, a variety of interactive demonstrations and entertainment to lift your spirits.  Don’t miss this very unique connection of community, culture, and commerce in Saxonville—a traditional historic Mill Village.

Contact for more information:  John Stasik  (508) 877—6771 or

Friends of Saxonville Flyer

Copy of email sent on 10/2/12 (Upcoming Events)

Good morning,

Fall is here and with it brings many changes, including the impending loss of daylight, which for some reason also includes the lack of seeing our next door neighbors for the next few months. The ONA Oaktoberfest is a great way to connect with friends and meet some new neighbors (we’ve had a lot of turnover recently). The details for the Oaktoberfest and Neighborhood Caroling are at the end of this email.

I. ONA Website, Facebook Page and Twitter

We apologize for the lack of updates recently on the website. The busy summer schedule took over for all of us and with that, our website, facebook page and twitter account all fell victim to under utilization. All those venues are being updated now and we hope you check in on a regular basis to see what is happening in the ‘hood. Please visit our website at You can use the website to connect to our twitter account and facebook page.

II. Community Safety

It can probably be stated that we live in a neighborhood that is a hidden gem of Framingham. Where else can you find a neighborhood that has a great neighborhood park, access to a lake, a beach, walking trails, a rail trail and major retail/highways within 1 mile? We all have to work together to keep our neighborhood a gem and that includes reporting any suspicious or odd activity happening at the park, at the lake or even at individual houses (ie car break ins, etc). You can contact any of the ONA board members if you are worried about reporting activity. Please be sure to keep cars locked at night, watch out for neighbors (especially those of frail health) and practice good personal safety.

III. Using the ONA email list

As we approach the upcoming elections it’s probably a good time to remind everyone that we do not use this email list for political purposes. We try to use this for anything that applies to ONA business (ie upcoming events, helping out a neighbor in need, community classifieds, those looking to pool resources to have a service performed, etc). If you have a question please contact the ONA board before sending an email.

IV. ONA Treasurer

We are still looking for someone to take over the treasurer duties for the ONA. If you are interested please contact Josh at (please include ONA treasurer in the subject line).

V. Upcoming Events (Oaktoberfest details; Neighborhood Caroling)


Please mark your calendar for Saturday, October 20th from 2-5 pm @ Reardon Park.

The Rain date is Sunday, October 21st from 2pm- 5pm.

To make this day fun and eventful, we’ll need your help.  Please RSVP by Monday, October 8th or soonerWe will hold this event no matter what (unless mother nature plays a cruel trick like last October). The level of what we have at the event will be based on the number of RSVP’s. If we have enough RSVP’s then we will have the bounce house, cotton candy, etc. If the number of RSVP’s is low, then we will pare it down and have the BBQ portion and some games. We really want to have a kick butt party so please, please, please RSVP ASAP.

Please e-mail Eliza at with the number attending and what food item you will be bringing and if you will be available to volunteer. We’ll keep a running list.

Here’s what we need some help with:

·         A 6500KW generator to power the bouncy house and cotton candy machine.

·         3 -4 propane grills

·         Volunteers to do some cooking about 8 to 10 people to do half-hour blocks of cooking

·         Volunteers to monitor the bouncy house

.          Volunteers for set up and clean up

·         Appetizers, Drinks, Side Dishes, Desserts

·         Games the children can play

.         A face painter

If possible, a $20 donation from each family is requested to help off-set the cost of the slide and food. (Or $10 per couple, $5 per single) Payment can be made ahead of time to any of the four of us, or at the BBQ.

Neighborhood Caroling

We brought this back to life last year and I think we can all agree that a little practice would have gone a long way :) We are going to do carol again this year and try to get at least one practice session in before going out. Please contact Josh at (please list neighborhood caroling in subject line) to register for this event. The goal is to have music selected in November and a practice in early December.

Thanks for taking time to get up to date on your neighborhood. As always, we welcome your feedback and any and all volunteers.

Eliza, Amy, Heather and Josh