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I. Easter Egg Hunt

It’s that time of year again-  Peter Cottontail will be hopping down the bunny trail. With any luck the weather will cooperate and we can hold this next Saturday.

Day: Saturday, March 23rd

Time: The egg hunt starts promptly at 9 am so plan on arriving by 8:50.

Where: Reardon Park (meet at the basketball court)

Egg Drop-off: Please drop off 12 filled eggs/child between Monday, March, 18th and Friday, March 22nd (up till midnight if you need it). Please drop the eggs off at 3 Brownlea Road in the white bucket near the front door (Josh has been instructed to keep away from the chocolate hidden in the eggs).

RSVP: This is extremely important. Please email Josh by replying to this email to let him know the ages and number children participating in the hunt. This helps us hide the appropriate number of eggs in each age section.
Day of the hunt: In the past we’ve had some children only find a few eggs. The Easter Bunny will be at the hunt and will hand out eggs to those children that do not find many.

Volunteers to hide the eggs: We need a few volunteers to help hide the eggs. Please email Josh by replying to this email to let him know if you can help. It takes about 20-25 minutes to hide the eggs and we’ll meet at Reardon park around 7:45 to hide them.

II. Newsletter

The newsletter is making a comeback after a long hiatus. We are looking for all types of news to include in the newsletter. Please email Eliza at elizatwilliamson@gmail.com with any news you would like to include in the newsletter.

III. Another ONA business

I am Sandy Griffin from Chouteau Ave.
My friend and I have started up a business helping people in their homes set up and learn to use their apple devices. We are ready and willing to help anyone, but have especially noticed many senior citizens wanting to connect with their families through email, Facebook etc, but are baffled by the iPad or iTouch. We are ready to help them through that process, from choosing the right device, setting it up and training how to use it.
If you go to the website below you will see all that we have to offer.
Here is the website and my contact information.

email: Sandy@letsgetsetup.com
phone: 508-877-7215

IV. Upcoming Events

We’ll send more information soon, but wanted to get the following events on your radar:

* Green Up Day: End of April and it will coincide with the town wide green up day. There is, without a doubt, a large need for some green up in the ONA, especially on LaClede (near the park) and Lake Rd (near Saxonville Beach). Please reply to this email if you want to participate in green up day.

* ONA Yard Sale: Last year was such a huge success that we are going to try this on a yearly basis. We are aiming for early June to hold this event again. More info will be sent out in mid-late April.

V. ONA Board News

As most of you know, the ONA board is comprised of Amy Ferguson (and Andy by default), Eliza Williamson, Heather Klish and Josh Mulready.

Amy has been serving on the board for a few years and though she stills enjoys volunteering in this capacity, she is ready to step aside for the next set of volunteers to lead the ONA forward. She and Andy will be helping with the Easter Egg Hunt but after this event they will begin to transition out of their roles on the ONA board. It goes without saying that both Amy and Andy are tremendous assets and we’ll miss their insight and contributions. Please be sure to take a moment to thank Amy and Andy when you see them.

Here is a brief look at what we are looking to do in the coming months (more details will be sent in the coming weeks):

* We are looking for volunteers to serve on the ONA board (treasurer, committee leaders for the annual BBQ, Welcoming Committee, Event Committee).

* We are working on a rough draft of a charter for the ONA. Once we have a working draft, we will form a committee to review the draft and come up with a final version for the ONA. We would like 2-3 people to help us with this.

* Resuming the annual meetings (1-2 per year)
Please reply to this email if you are interested in learning more about these opportunities.

Thank you,

The ONA board

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