Community Safety Meeting Recap; Easter Egg Hunt

Good morning,

Thank you to the neighbors that were able to attend the meeting last night. The head count was around 45, a great turnout for a Tuesday night.

I. Summary of the Safety Meeting

* Key point that cannot be stressed enough. If you “See Something, Say Something”. Call the police business line at 508.872.1212 with any suspicious activity. This doesn’t have to just involved robberies, it can be anything suspicious (ie large groups starting to gather at the park, at the beach or the end of Delmar near the path). Again, if you see something, say something.

* Case in point. A robbery had occurred at another residence in Framingham. A neighbor saw this robbery occur but instead of calling police, she followed the person to Walgreens. She confronted the person, told him what she saw, then headed home. She then called police but by the time they arrived the robber was gone. Moral of the story, call the police right away. Do not wait and do not chase the person down, only to let them get away.

* There are no suspects yet for the two robberies that have occurred in the neighborhood, however, they do have some evidence they are working with (shoe print).

* Keep a look out for people walking with clipboards or knocking on doors and not having a credible story. A neighbor recently had an encounter with a man that knocked on her door asking where Walgreens is. This may have been a person looking to see what houses were occupied and when someone answered, he made up a story.

*  The main items that are stolen during robberies are:

* Jewerly
* computers
* ipods
* game systems

Take a picture of your items and even write a description. This will give local authorities information that could lead to the recovery of your items. Stolen items are usually pawned and pawn shops are required to hold items for 30 days. Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen, but in many cases they do hold the items.

*  Postal workers are a great resource for the neighborhood. The police meet with them on a semi annual basis to go over crime data and to see if they have any information.

*  Neighborhood watches, crime watch signs, etc have not worked well in the past so it is not an option right now. The best option is to know your neighbors, know your neighborhood and to follow the instructions of see something, say something.

* A few websites that provide great information are:
We will try to provide the power point presentation at a later date.

II. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter falls on March 31st this year so our Easter Egg hunt will be held on Saturday, March 23rd at 9 am. Please mark your calendars and hope that the snow is gone by then.

Please email us with any questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you,

The ONA Board

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